Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday 30th December

Ciao tutti! Being that I decided to do my own webpage/blog spot in 2005 and never did, I figured that as long as I do it before 2006 dawns I can still count it as a 2005 achievement. So with tomorrow being New Year's eve I have acomplished thus achievement. Really I just wanted yet another way to reduce sitting at the computer and writing emails, particularly as this year (2006) I am determined to properly start writing. I still have yet to hear back from the illustrious Harlequin Mills and Boon but as Europe rather shuts down for Christmas and the New Year I have little expectation to hear anything until at least February! I shall also be using said blog to post pics of the wee one, who is not so wee anymore and thank goodness he is going to start some kind of school later this year. With the big twenty-ten approaching later in 2006 I might actually get around to doing some of the things I promised myself I would before my life starts to turn into nothing but a domestic surburban monotony. This blog is a beginning testament to that checklist that awaits eagerly to be ticked off.

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