Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Day

Just a few photos from Easter Day. We had a little egg hunt in the garden for Jay which he cottoned onto rather quickly. We only did a couple of chocolate eggs; the rest were tiny wind-up Thomases in plastic eggs, (courtesy of Mammie), and sidewalk chalk in the shape of eggs. Don't want him turning into a butterball! Keith and I were very naughty and didn't go to church as Keith had worked on the Saturday and we tend to not bother when he only has a Sunday to recover. Plus I felt fully redeemed as I went to Good Friday communion at the Episcopal church and did my bowing, scraping, crossing and candle-lighting then. The Episcopal church I go to here is super high church which I love as it reminds me of school and going to church with all my Catholic boyfriends, (that's what comes of going out with boys from South/Central America and France!) and which Keith hates. The one and only time I took him his first words as we left the service were, and I quote, "Is all that up and down and crossing really necessary? I feel like I've been Catholicised!" Now I just go on my own, which I rather enjoy, to Rite I eucharist at sparrows' on a Sunday morning. Had a good session on Monday night at the Literacy Alliance. Escaped maths this week and spent the time grading papers. Much less taxing I can tell you!

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