Thursday, April 27, 2006

A writer's life for me

Today was defintely one of those days. Jay had me up at half six and then proceeded to be an annoying little twerp for the next two hours and continued to be particularly belligerent throughout the rest of the day. Ha - it's my own fault for telling someone yesterday that he was a wonderful little boy. I also managed to completely jinx myself by going onto the HM&B message board, (there's a chat group for writers currently submitting and waiting, etc.) last night and complaining about my lack of patience and how I just wished I would hear something, anything, regardless of what it was. And of course today Monsieur le Poste brought me a lovely rejection letter from the Editorial department. Fortunately I had the girls on the message board to depress to, all who having gone through the process many times and with many of them eventually succeeding are amazingly supportive and encouraging. Plus a call from my friend Zara cheered me up immensely. We have this amazing ability to brainstorm fantastic ideas when we're together and quite frankly should be two of the richest people on the planet if we actually carried any of them through. And then finally a half hour of reading ShopEtc, Marie Claire and GQ, deciding which shoes I wanted and how unfair it is that all the men in GQ are so utterly delicious and manage to be exquisite clothes horses. So here's a conundrum for all my single girl friends, (of which I now have very few) - does the GQ man really exist? Not just the dish who knows not to wear a black belt with brown shoes or knows the difference between a Windsor and a St.Andrew (and we're not talking golf courses here), but a man who also has the savoir-faire to bring flowers for the hostess of a supper party, can tell his intake port from his exhaust port, tell a woman he loves her, (or at least wants to sleep with her) in five different languages, be not only the wingman but also the designated driver and know that Valentino Rossi has won the last four MotoGP World Championships and could well win another this year? I wait with (very) bated breath as to the results... Sooo, yeah, as my fave comedian Eddie Izzard would say, feeling a bit blue but that's a writer's life. Am feeling a little motivated to explore other literary avenues but I'm a bit lazy about that so we'll see. I have thus utterly exhausted all my writing capabilities for the evening and am going to go and emmerse myself in the dramatic lifes of the teenagers from The OC. Oh to be able to wear Abercrombie and Fitch and actually look good in it. *Sigh* Noticed a new wrinkle today - quite, quite tragic. More so that I'm actually concerned. Ok, I'm gone...

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