Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Working 9 - 5

Too busy enjoying the sunshine and gloriously hot weather, I've waited seven months to be able to garden in my bikini - but just wanted to say that I have been offered a job and have accepted it. As of June 19th I will be the Instructional Designer at St.Francis University here in Fort Wayne. Bit odd because the college is so very similar to St.Mary's in Strawberry Hill where I went to uni. Anyway super excited particularly about having my own income again. I can now buy shoes completely guilt free again knowing I have thoroughly earned those gorgeous BCBG knee high, riding boots! In amongst the sun worshipping this week am checking out the playschools and hope to find one that Jay will actually learn something in. We have a few possibilities and then next year I can pack him off to Canterbury, (our posh private and tres cher "Euro" school here in Fort Wayne). He is definitely ready to start some kind of programme so the timing is quite good actually. And my holiday back to England in September is still on too. Anyway going back to drool over the sexy Giancarlo in an article on Sunday's Monaco race. Sooo pleased Alonso won, especially after Schumacher's typical arrogant and unexplanatory stoppage stunt in the qualifying, (what was he thinking and don't blame it on the car mein Herr; Ferrari's don't always go wrong.) Idiota Giancarlo earned himself penalty points in the qualifying and ended up 8th on the grid but did move himself up to finish 6th with some pretty decent driving but sadly nothing spectacular. Between Fisichella and BOSS CEO Josh Bernstein,(nice article about him in this month's Success magazine), I am currently in obsessive lust with two very handsome and driven, (no punn intended), unattainable men. Oh wait, I'm married. Damn...

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