Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Four days to go…

I’m so excited I can barely stand it. Only four days to go until the US Formula 1 Grand Prix in Indianapolis. Our tickets are on the fridge and every morning I look at them and get just a little more excited. The Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday was a great race with a suitable amount of crashes to make it interesting. Alonso took a substantial lead right from the word go and kept it throughout the race despite some great driving by Kimi Raikonnen and yes I admit it, Schumacher. The lovely Giancarlo made second in the qualifying and then promptly committed a false start earning him a penalty drive through and allowing Kimi to slot neatly into second place off the grid. Although in Fisico’s defense the lights were held overly long. Anyway he finished a respectable fourth, in spite of his penalty. They had a nice article/interview with him in this month’s F1 Racing magazine. Anyway I think we should be in for a good weekend. We have Keith’s birthday party celebration on Saturday, Grand Prix on Sunday, back to work for Monday and then it's Independence Day holiday on Tuesday. And yes I totally agree with all your Europeans who are thinking why the heck would you go back to work for one day and then have a day off on a Tuesday for a national holiday? Les Étas-Unis est fou, non? I know; most countries would say to hell with it, let’s have a four day weekend. But oh no, not America. Land of the free and all, gotta get your money’s worth out of the workforce. Besides you give people too many holidays they might start creating anarchy. Actually I absolutely cannot complain, I get great holiday time at the university; quite comparable to what I had in England actually. I just can’t help the factitiousness.

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