Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cracking Code

As some of you may have noticed there have been many changes, odd publishing and some darn strange editing and formatting going on over the past forty-eight hours to the blogsite. I am in the process of learning html, css and FrontPage and so my poor blog has become el guinea pig. As you can imagine my frustration levels are pretty high - it's a bit like learning a new language; you think you've got it sussed and then find out you're ordering a squashed car rather than a refreshing squeezed lemon drink! But the rewards are well worth it. Depending on how my progress goes I am contemplating doing my own website rather than just a blog. Oh my God...I'm turning into a computer geek. Thank goodness there's only two more months until the new season of the OC starts again and I can revert to my shallow, clothes-adoring, gorgeous-guy oggling self. All this thinking and like using my brain is like, totally you know, so hard work. Totally.

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