Monday, July 17, 2006

Er, hello, Fisico?

Sixth place? Are you kidding me Giancarlo? So Fisi's qualifying was pretty so-so and even though he did manage to move up one place from seventh to sixth during the French Grand Prix, he's just not using the Renault to its best capabilities. He's a good driver and he has a good car - let's see some results Signor! At least he picked up some points for the Constructors's Championship though. I was a little disappointed in Alonso too although he ran a good race and managed a not that safe vault into second place over Massa, but 16 seconds behind Schumacher? Way, way too much. Yes, the Ferrari is a great car and they totally have the Bridgestones figured out but really, Alonso (and you too Fisico), you're driving a Renault, on Michelins, in France...need I say more?
The race had its moments but overall I felt it one of the more staid ones, The Magny-Cours circuit is quite nice but as with Indy, I don't think it's terribly exciting although the Adelaide hairpin corner always proves interesting for the more inexperienced drivers. But Schumacher's lead put him clear in the victory right from the beginning and the rest as they say is l'histoire.
I await Hockenheim with bated breath and hope that it'll be a more exciting race and that Alonso and Fisichella will give Ferrari more of a run for their money. Hopefully Fisi's change of engine will take the parameters up a notch and provide some optimal performance. It's a good job you're good-looking Giancarlo...
So you know that my life does not revolve around Formula 1, (well actually it does just a little), we did have a lovely weekend with Keith's sister and husband and their two teenage boys. They drove up from Denver and arrived with us on Friday evening. Saturday was super hot and humid but we managed a day at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo which is surprisingly excellent for such a small town. Photos to follow. Saturday evening was spent enjoying food, kudos to Allen for the brilliant barbecue, and wine and then Friday night's season opener of Stargate SG-1. Lane and Logan are fortunately as geeky as their uncle and sci-fi is always a winner. It's going to be an interesting season though, those ori are pretty devious. Nothing like mass conversion through mind-control and guilt...hmmn so it seems organised religion is pretty much the same whichever world or universe you live on.
Sunday we did the brunch thing at one of our favourite bistros, Spoons; which they thoughfully attached to Mitchell's bookstore which has a fabulous children's section full of toys, legos, trainsets, PlayMobil, oh and books. Lots of them. It's one of those bookstores where time seems to stand still and before you know it you're spent half the day there. I seem to have this same experience in most bookshops though. Sunday afternoon the boys being good teenagers and deciding that they'd had quite enough of being with their uncool parents and aunt and uncle stayed at home while Wendy, Al, Keith and I headed off to the very hot Three Rivers Fesitval. Which was a bit lacking seeing as none of us were really up for being inverted into a 180 ferris wheel or launched from a giant teacup or any of those other fun fair rides so instead we made our way to the nearest mall and contented ourselves with a ride on the two-storey carousel and the inevitable Starbucks. Which turned out to be a much better choice anyway.
Starting to count down my days until my holiday to England. And enjoying the luxury of wardrobe planning in my head. I so love travelling, particularly when the plane is flying in the direction of away from the States. Did I mention I think I've been here too long? Most definitely needing a green and pleasant land fix.

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