Monday, July 31, 2006

Still deliberating

I am in quasi-mourning over yesterday's race and am still trying to formulate what happening to Renault, therefore my usual post-race blatherings are going to wait until I am in a more positive mood about the results. The results, posted below, tell all that needs to be told though...
On the other hand I am most grateful to F1 and the phenomena of world time zones that I was able to watch the race at the early time of 8 am on a Sunday morning and then still go out and enjoy my day. Which, I most defintely needed to after the sorry state of affairs. I routinely bemoan the fact that I am a ridiculously long distance away from the ocean and a beach, something I miss enormously about living in England and so Keith, who either fed up with my land-locked cries or deciding that Jay needed some "beach" experience, drove us up to Michigan City on the coast of the great lakes and to the Indiana Sand Dunes National park, or somewhere like that. Either way there was a sandy beach, (quite nice actually) and water that had waves. Plus the lake is big enough that I couldn't actually see anything on the horizon and so it sort of felt like the ocean. Except that it's freshwater and not salt water. But hey, I'm not that choosy. Well I am but this was definitely a case of beggars can't be choosers. After a two hours drive, that for the last forty-five minutes had the sky getting blacker and blacker and even thunder and lightening obscure our view of anything remotely resembling a nice day, we arrived at the beach to pouring rain. So in good Brit style we ate our picnic lunch in the car and then decided to hell with it and went down on the beach. The boys didn't care about the rain but I was armed with my trusty umbrella, (yes, I'm English). To our delight after about twenty minutes the sky cleared, the storm passed and like little creatures edging round rocks people started appearing again from the sanctity of their cars to set up their spot on the sand. To my amazement the water was surprisingly warm although I'm still in doubt as to whether this was from the 90 degree weather or the two industrial smoke stacks and the corresponding power generators I could see at either end of my line of vision on the beach. Either way Jay and I swam in the water, I can't really call it the sea, and Jay and Keith made sandcastles. It was a lovely day.
Now that we know that a beach isn't that far, despite the summer almost being over, we will venture up there more. It's been horribly humid here in Fort Wayne - 95 degrees with a heat index of 103 and humidity at about 80%.
I may as well get it over and done are the results for the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.
1. M. Schumacher (Ferrari)
2. F.Massa (Ferrari)
3. K.Raikkonen (McLaren-Mercedes)
4. J.Button (Honda)
5. F.Alonso (Renault)
6. G.Fisichella (Renault)
7. J.Trulli (Toyota)
8. C.Klien (RBR-Ferrari)
9. R.Schumacher (Toyota)
10. V.Liuzzi (STR-Cosworth )
11. D.Coulthard (RBR-Ferrari )
12. S.Speed (STR-Cosworth )

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