Saturday, October 07, 2006

Random thoughts on a Saturday evening

So apparently I should have eaten a lot more spinach during my trip to England as there is currently a stop on the sale of all spinach here in the US due to an E. coli break-out that caused the death of one person and resulted in a rather large number of people ending up sick in hospital. No Eggs Florentine at Spoons* for a while then...

We went out for sushi this evening and discovered that Jay has developed rather expensive and reasonably exotic tastes for a two-year old. He devoured the edamame and miso soup that we had to start with. We then got a sushimi and sushi plate to share which came with a few california rolls which we thought Jay would like. No chance. He went straight for the tuna sushimi followed by the yellowtail sushimi. I then tried to persuade him with a california roll which he toook a small bite out of, made a "bleurgh" face and then reached over and helped himself to the tuna and salmon sushi. I daren't let him taste toro as we'll be positively broke!

Really thrilled that Fisico got third in the Chinese GP last week and that it moved him up to third in the Driver's championship. Although reviewing the Qualifying times today, both he and Alonso will have some serious fighting to do tomorrow at Suzuka. Grudgingly I am accepting that Schumacher is going to win the Driver's championship and considering he's retiring, I am slowly conceding that it is only right and fitting for such a great driver to go out on a wave of glory. Quit while you're ahead and all that.

Recently downloaded John Mayer's latest album Continuum. His music only seems to get better with each new release. His style and expression keep maturing and he's one of the best songwriters out there. Continuum is wonderfully nostaglic and yet uplifting with subtle overtones of Simon & Garfunkle and Otis Reading. Perfect weekend tunes. Although I've found it pretty good for driving to work, planning a lesson to, winding down in the evening. I guess you could say it's my current life soundtrack.

* Spoons is our local weekend brunch spot, attached to Mitchell's book store, it does the best Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine, other than Keith's. He really does make the best Hollandaise sauce.

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Cathy said...

Just found your blog through Ft. Wayne observed and realized through your reference to Spoons you're in the Ft. Wayne area. Hang in there, Englishgirl. The Midwest is not all bad!
You are right on about John Mayer. Sometimes I listen to him all day long. We saw him in concert in September--awesome!
Take care!