Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eyes* for breakfast

On Sunday I decided to put my typically very dire baking skills to the test and made mince pies, being the festive season and all. I followed a recipe my mum had given me entitled "The best ever mince pies...with brandy butter from a chef at Windsor Castle". I was extra careful with my measuring using my English kitchen scales rather than the American cup and spoon system and I followed the directions exactly, (something I am not wont to do when cooking) and to my delight they were indeed the best ever mince pies. Sprinkled delicately with a little icing sugar, they looked like plump bronzed pillows left out in the snow. I made them to take to the Literacy Alliance Christmas party on Monday night and made what I thought was a reasonable enough amount, only when I arrived at FMC I noticed that there seemed to be rather a lot missing. Hmmn...the look of relief on Keith's face when I returned home later that night still with several mince pies left over was palpable. As it turns out Keith is not the only one who likes my mince pies. Having promised Jay that I was making pie on Sunday he eagerly awaited their arrival and has enjoyed mince pies and greek yoghurt for breakfast every day this week. Thoroughly enjoyed them. And while I feel marginally guilty about feeding my son pie for breakfast I figure not only is he getting a good amount of bowl-moving dried fruit, he's also eating vast quantities of healthy, happy tummy bacteria and after all, it is Christmas.

* mince pies is Cockney rhyming slang for eyes. "Open your mince pies and look around."

Don't know what a mince pie is? Check out the Mince Pie wiki!

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