Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanksgiving in the Mile High city

I know, I know, I'm only just writing about Thanksgiving and it's almost Christmas. Call it serious lack of inspiration, or procastination or just too damn lazy...
One year I will spend Thanksgiving in Colorado and actually go ski-ing. Seeing all those estate cars and SUVs driving around Denver with their ski racks and boxes makes me positively green with envy. The weather was lovely as well, crisp but sunny as is typical Colorado fashion. Perfect ski-ing weather for a fair weather snow bunny like myself...providing there's been a decent snow fall of course.
Thanksgiving day was spent over at Mabel's (Keith's sister's husband's mum) house in Boulder. She has a beautiful view of the snow-tipped Rockies from her garden. Lots of family eating vast quantities of food and enjoying a steady stream of red wine. Most pleasant. We then celebrated Thanksgiving day again the following day at Rich and Marie's, (as if one lot of roast turkey and mashed potato is not enough for one's waistline). Saturday Wendy and I started a new tradition of pedicures, coffee and shopping at Rags to Riches Consignment store in Boulder; a totally awesome second hand shop where I could have easily gorged myself on DKNY, Moschino, Trina Turk, BCBG and a whole host of other labels that I adore. As it was I was very restrained and came away only with a Trina Turk miniskirt, a black cashmere poloneck and a Banana Republic cami. I never could resist a bargain!
Saturday night Keith and I left the babe, or rather small boy, with the grandparents and embarked on a night of closure and timetravelling as we met up with the guys from Valor / The Dark. Being really too young for the whole 80s big hair rock club scene it was quite an eyeopener. Apparently most of the people that were at the club have overlooked the fact that we are now in 2006. Big hair was abound. And a lot of girls definitely not in their early twenties dressing like they were in their early twenties. All I could think of was the movie RockStar with Mark Wahlburg. ROCK and ROLL dude! It was kind of funny meeting people whom I'd heard so much about from Keith. Chris I'd already met last year. Meeting Randy was like meeting someone I had known forever and meeting Junior helped put faces to the names I'd heard so much about. The amusing thing is that they all now have respectible jobs, families, kids, short hair! And yet ultimately at heart they're all still rockers. It was an interesting evening and provided some good closure for Keith over issues he's been trying to come to terms with since parting ways with the band and forming his own life path. I'll presently attach the before and after photos of the guys and let you giggle over them...
Sunday we travelled back to Fort Wayne via Indianapolis, this time with Marie in tow. It was utterly blissful having her to stay and not have to worry about getting Jay to playschool in the morning or what to cook for supper in the evening. I think I was actually early to work for a whole week and a half! Plus it has been ages since I've come home to a meal, mainly because I finish work a good hour and a half before Keith. Marie stayed for ten days which allowed Keith and I to go out to a tres smart restuarant and celebrate our 8th anniversary. I have to admit I never thought that I'd be married that long, hell, I never thought I'd be married full stop. I am suprememly impressed with myself!
Now it's the countdown to Christmas. I do have my cards written just haven't quite made it to the post office yet...Happy Easter anyone?

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