Friday, January 26, 2007

New car, new livery, new website, new season, new champions.

The Renault F1 Team had its 2007 launch this week. As you can see the new livery is TOTALLY different. When I first saw it I thought, God, it's awful ,but I have to admit it's growing on me and I rather like it. The new sponsors, ING obviously had a huge influence over the colours. But they are paying the big bucks so I guess they should. The new website is super - a more professional looking Discussion Board and I like the write-ups and bios, etc of the drivers (plus they've posted a particularly nice photo of Fisico on his bio page.
The new car, the RS27 looks not that dissimilar to the RS26 but of course is more streamlined, more aerodynamic, everything chiselled and checked. The RS27 engine is a modified RS26 V8, with the following specs:
Capacity: 2400 cc
Architecture: 90° V8
Weight: 95 kg
Max rpm: 19,000 rpm
Spark plugs: Champion
ECU: Magneti Marelli Step 11
Fuel: Elf
Oil: Elf
Battery: Renault F1 Team

Most of the other cars have also completed their launches this month and there are some sweet looking cars out there. The new Ferrari F2007 is quite cool indeed - Jay loves the fact that it has "eyes", shown in the preview photos.
So although the first race for 2007, the Australian Grand Prix, doesn't take place until 18th March, already the teams are ramping up for a huge season. In Giancarlo's words "I am hungry for success this year, and very determined." I just hope his hunger and determination truly manifest themselves this year. He is a gifted driver, he just needs to prove it.

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