Sunday, January 14, 2007

A wet, rainy weekend

So with Keith spending the weekend either stuck at Chicago airport or sitting on a plane waiting to land, waiting to take off, waiting for the plane to be de-iced, waiting for his bag (that still hasn't caught up with him), waiting for the weather to improve enough so that he could fly into Tulsa and then drive to Oklahoma City, mainly just waiting, Jay and I spent the weekend trying to stay dry. Saturday we went to Lowe's so that Jay could build a castle, another patch for me to sew on his apron. In the afternoon there seemed nothing better to do than spend a very rainy afternoon at the cinema. We went and saw Happy Feet. Thinking I was going to see just another animated animal movie I was very pleasantly surprised at the messages it portrayed. of course then I had to explain to Jay about how mummies and papas were destroying the planet with our selfish need and that there was a reason why driving Hummers (which unfortunately he seems to think are very cool) is killing the penguins and that that was why mummy drove a little car fueled by soybean biodiesel, (as the cinema was full of mummies who drive SUVs you can imagine the kind of narrowed-eyed looks I earned myself). Anyway Jay thoroughly enjoyed the movie - dancing, singing penguins, what more can an almost three year old want? And I thoroughly appreciated Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman reminding me of belonging to something so much greater than myself and to appreciate the earth's resources, particularly those that I forget about because they are so many miles away.
Sunday was equally as rainy and gloomy and Jay and I did very little, our cabin fever finally driving us out to play in puddles and for me to construct what I am convinced is my best ever Thomas the tank engine layout...judge for yourself...

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