Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Racing Green

The Honda F1 Racing team, during the unveiling of this year's new car livery yesterday, announced a new approach to the world of F1 racing. Instead of their RA107 being kitted out with corporate colours and sponsorship logos, the car has simply a giant picture of the earth painted onto it. It's a move unsurprising for the manufacturer Honda (who are among the top tier in producing cars that are environmentally friendly), but progressive and leading-edge for the world of Formula 1.
Nick Fry, Honda F1 Racing's CEO, stated "F1 is a hugely powerful communication device with audience and global reach only behind that of periodic sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup. We believe that F1 with its huge global profile and cutting edge technology can play an important role in not only highlighting the issues but also playing our part in developing solutions." He goes on to say that "Climate change is probably the single biggest issue facing the global community and F1 is not immune from it. The FIA recognises the opportunity for F1 not only to raise awareness, but also to showcase innovative technologies for the benefit of society for the long term. For example, by 2009, devices for energy recovery will be in place on the cars."
In a gas-guzzling, environmentally selfish sport, (despite F1's current 'carbon neutral' status), it's fantastic to see a team breaking the boundaries of what is considered the norm and while my passionate support still lies with Renault and the lovely Giancarlo, my loyalty will certainly be inclined towards a team that expresses responsiblity towards global environmental issues.

If you want to make a pledge to myearthdream, help raise awareness of environmental issues and have your pledge appear as a pixel on the RA107 or simply to let Jenson and Rubens know they rock, click here to offer your support.

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