Monday, May 15, 2006

Fisichella - not just a pretty face

I knew Giancarlo could do it if he put half a mind to it. Not just a pretty face after all. I am pleased to report that Fisichella took third in the Spanish Grand Prix after Alonso's first and Schumacher's second. I was totally caught up in the excitement of Alonso's win - a win in his home province with a home crowd, including King Juan Carlo, watching. What a rush that must have been. You could tell that he was just so thrilled as in the post-interview he was trying so hard to remain cool and not just grin from ear to ear. It was a good race and he deserved to win, putting in some great lap times and keeping control over the Renault. More points for Alonso, Fisichella and Renault - yippee!
American mummy's day yesterday and despite the bloody crap weather, (I truly despise the weather in Indiana), that we've been having here lately I had a lovely day. All I really wanted to do was work in the garden but the pouring rain put a stop to the best made plans and instead we took a trip to the Science Museum in town. It was fab and super tactile, perfect for Jay. He just loved it and as is fast becoming my mantra, if a two year old is happy, I'm happy. Then spent the late afternoon watching the racing followed by a lovely roast cooked by Keith.
Am super excited as my best friend, Sophie, back in England is due to have her first baby any moment now. I spoke to her on Friday and she's doing well. I think the final waiting and anticipation is getting to her and I'm like the worst person to speak to at this point because I had such an easy labour and so my whole advice revolves around, "Oh, you'll be fine. It's nowhere near as bad as everyone says. It's all mind over matter!" She's tough though and I know she'll do great. At least nowadays there's so many drugs they can give you that something's bound to take the edge off.
Just finished reading a book my ma had passed on to me - Anne Lamott's Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith. Absolutely fantastic. She is a great writer and had me both crying and laughing to the point where I was crying. A definite recomendation for all my feminist girlfriends.
Signing off as lots to do - have an interview tomorow morning for an Instructional Designer position. Not many of them come up in Fort Wayne so figured I should go for this one...

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