Thursday, May 25, 2006

What was I thinking?

Now, I love my family as much as the next person but there is a reason why I loved boarding school and have always tended to live on the other side of the world from my nearest and dearest. I have recently just enjoyed a very wonderful visit from my papa and stepmum. I was unable to order decent weather but we had a good time anyway and they still managed a couple of days of golf at the course at the end of our road. I even had a few, (well, many actually) moments of wishing I was back in England so that Jay would actually grow up knowing what it's truly like to be British instead of this blah pseudo-Anglo upbringing he's being subjected to. I find it hard knowing that Jay doesn't really know his English family. Anyway back to my temporary loss of sanity. So two days before my folks left, Keith's parents arrived and they are now staying until after Memorial Day. So for forty-eight hours I had two sets of parents and a cantakerous two year old under one roof. Aaaahhhhh (repeated many times - Thank God for Riegels' Pipe & Tobacco shop on Jefferson Blvd that keep me in supply of Dunhills!). I think I asume that because we don't see anyone throughout the winter months, (and who can blame them? Indiana is bloody awful in the winter - if I didn't live here it would absolutely not be my choice of holiday destination,) then I am fully prepared to cope with a month of non-stop visitation from family. When my Great-aunt died one of my dearest friends sent me a text with the words, "I wish you peace, strength and grace." I am currently applying this to my current role of hotelier. Still, my desire to be alone again has somewhat been forgotten due to the fact that it is the Monaco Grand Prix this Sunday. I have high hopes once again for the lovely Giancarlo and am pretty sure that Alonso will maintain his performance record. I keep going into a temporary flux of dreamy desire at the thought of all those powerful, deliciously fast and menacingly complicated F1 cars hurtling through the streets of Monte Carlo and allowing the t.v. audience to catch glimpses of the tempting azur sea and the millionaires' yachts that litter the harbour of one of the cleanest and neatest towns I've ever been to in Europe. Lugano in Switzerland being the cleanest so far of my travelling experiences. Starting to count down the days until those exciting cars and gorgeous drivers make their way across the pond for the US Grand Prix that takes place a mere hour and a half from me at the Indianapolis Speedway. And yes, I am definitely going. You think I'd miss the chance of possibly seeing Signor Fisichella up close and personal? Are you mad? Oh God, I almost forgot...Sophie had her baby. A beautiful little boy called Huxley James. He looks a complete poppet and I can't wait to see them both in Spetember when I'm back in the Motherland. I'm so thrilled for her and really pleased that she had a boy so that she has all the horrible monsterishness to look forward to! I know I'm not the only one to think that five is too young for boarding school!

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