Monday, July 24, 2006

Finally - balls in F1

I just finished reading July's edition of F1 Racing magazine and finally, someone has said something about Schumacher's stunt in Monaco. Hello, did I not say something back in May about how unacceptable it was? Anyway F1 mag ran a big article and cited all the wierd (and dangerous) moves that Schumacher has pulled over the years. A very interesting article and I am really pleased to know that I am not the only one who thought the move was completely unsportsmanlike. Perhaps one of the top drivers in the world (and I don't dispute that he is a fantastic driver) is getting a little concerned that at 38 there are finally some very incredible, young drivers who are not only up and coming in their racing ability but also bring with them a return to the real sportsmanlike quality of F1. The ones who don't blame all of their poor driving on the cars or machinery and accept that yes, sometimes you just have a bad day and your driving sucks. Drivers like Alonso, Rosberg, Kimi, even Mark Webber are not only great drivers but they're team players. Even Fisico, with his hot-headed Roman temperament has provided a strategical role for Renault despite driving in his team mate's shadow for most of the season. It might be time Michael, to accept graciously that yes, you have acheived greateness in the world of Grand Prix but perhaps it's time to pass the torch. Having to resort to underhand motives to better one's qualifying time or to decrease the potential times of fellow racers, is just not behaviour becoming of someone who has seven Formula 1 world championships to his name. Possibly more contemplation on this to follow but for now I'll step off the podium...

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