Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Html CSS Hfgo Gty F$%k

Bloody technology! Sometimes I amaze myself at my stupidity. So I updated my template - again - yes, yes, I know, but it's a bit addictive and I thought the last one was a bit hard to read, and stupidly, very stupidly forgot that when I update the template it wipes out any changes, etc that I've made to the template such as adding links, footers, etc. And even more foolishly I didn't copy my html/css feed for the footer and now I can't remember all the code for it. And can't seem to get the Powered by bit correct.
Ahhhhhhhhhh/tearing hair out/swearing loudly at the computer screen.
If anyone who actually understands this stuff, becasue really I just pretend to, and can help me with re-adding the footer code. pleeeease let me know. It's driving me crazy! And I think I used movable type only I absolutely cannot remember.
Update 26/7/06 - my intelligence astounds me. Thanks to the wonderful world of internet code sites and computer nuts I was able to figure it out; no movable type, little css, just some good ole' html. Ahhhhh/gentle sighing/kissing of the computer screen.


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