Friday, July 14, 2006

Magny-Cours v. um, I don't know any Nascar racetracks

So, I have almost converted Jay from his love of Nascar to Formula 1. Apparently it takes more than actually going to see Formula 1 cars and Michael Schumacher in person for a two year old to be convinced. I am under the impression however that his Nascar obsession is due partly to a little film called Cars that's currently out. Bloody media! We've been to the "tall TV" twice to see it. He's pretty enarmoured with the cinema but I think being able to have popcorn that's salty and over-processed rather than the healthy, boring stuff that mummy makes at home makes it somewhat more enticing!
So he goes to bed with all (about ten and growing) of his Cars diecast characters, Lightening McQueen and Mack tucked firmly under his arm, (poor Sophie lamb and Hugh are being quite neglected) and yet last night his lego Formula 1 Ferrari and Michael Schumacher actually made it into bed as well and were at the top of the last for being brought downstairs this morning. Then when I turned on the tv for my morning dose and drool of last night's recording of Anderson Cooper I had totally forgotten that it was the practice race for Magny-Cours today. I know how could I forget with my current obsessive levels maxed out? Sooo, anyway...because I'm totally anal about recording all the Formula 1 stuff I had preset it and so it automatically changed channels. When Jay saw the track and the drivers in the pits he had a big smile on his face and kept saying "go-go cars" as I was trying to put on his shoes and get him out the door for school. To my absolute pleasure, he usually loves going in my car in the mornings, he protested hugely claiming, "not mummy's car, go-go cars, fewwawi". Ah yes, I might make a F1 driver out of him yet. I keep telling him that Nascar is for cars with no imagination - you just keep driving around in circles for goodness sake - how can that possibly be fun driving? But then comes into play my other competitive factor for Jay's fondness for Nascar. His complete and total love of Herbie. Yes, the love bug. But not the old ones, oh no, old Herbie, the ones I like, Herbie goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie the LoveBug, oh no they are old mummy. He likes the new Herbie with the cute girl and the up to date music and the more professional production. And Herbie wins the Nascar cup so of course Nascar is best. I think he's going to totally freak out when I take him back to England in September and he sees that mammie has a real Herbie. A real live same-coloured, convertible Herbie. He'll love my mum forever after that!
Anyway so as it's Friday and I finish work at noon on Fridays during the summer, Jay and I will be clued to the practice in France this afternoon. The short glimpse I had this morning before walking out of the door was of Giancarlo excitedly showing off his Italian World Cup winning sticker on his helmet. I have high hopes for you on Sunday Fisico! On a side note, I thought Montoya's decision to move to Nascar from F1 was very interesting. Such a different style of racing and totally different mentality and everything. It's so US v. European driving - big and brash v. sleek and stylish. (I really miss Europe). Dare I say it but I would have thought it was like taking a step back in your career...maybe I won't go there, it's too close to my own situation! Am slowly developing a soft spot for Williams's Nico Rosberg. He seems to have huge potential and being so young it'll be nice to see him develop as a driver and hopefully go on to achieve some great wins. I think he has it in him.
On a geek note - new series of Stargate SG-1 starts tonights.

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Roy ( said...

You realise if you keep telling him something is wrong, when he hits his teens it's the first thing he's going to do ;)