Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keith's never-ending journey

Original plan - Friday evening fly to Oklahoma City via Chicago, return Sunday night to Fort Wayne via Chicago.

What actually happened...

Friday - flight from Fort Wayne to Chicago cancelled.
Friday night at home
Saturday - flight departs Fort Wayne at noon to arrive in Chicago. Flight to Oklahoma City delayed and then finally cancelled.
Saturday night in hotel in Chicago
Sunday - flight from Chicago delayed, departs eventually to be redirected to Tulsa. Arrives in Tulsa, rents a hire car (a very nice Suburu 4x4 apparently) to drive to Oklahoma City
Sunday night in Oklahoma City
Monday - plane to Chicago delayed and then finally cancelled.
Monday night in hotel in Oklahoma City
Tuesday - flight to Chicago cancelled. Flight to Dallas (with connection direct to Fort Wayne) delayed because crew have not arrived...flight departs Oklahoma City.
Misses connection in Dallas.
New flight from Dallas to go to...Chicago! From Chicago to Fort Wayne, due in 18hrs00 this evening. We'll see...

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