Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

Photos from Jay's 3rd party have been posted in the Photo Album. It was great fun and as I said to Sophie, possibly made more so by the bottle and a half of champagne I drank pretty much by myself, (insert usual British over-indulgence of alcohol and American sobriety jokes here). Food was good, children behaved well and clear-up was minimal - an excellent party as far as I'm concerned. Jay received some wonderful pressies and is well on the way to having a large collection of Playmobil.
Today I'm experiencing my first Snow Day. We're in the midst of a blizzard, (well a lot of snow and wind really, I'm not sure I'd really class it as a blizzard per se), so classes were cancelled and uni closed. Having discovered this after I'd dropped Jay off at school he was then utterly thrilled when I returned less than forty minutes later to take him home. Short school day! We spent the morning doing puzzles, finger painting and playdoh and then I've been working this afternoon, (modern technology means everything's accessible via the web nowadays so even work systems can be accessed from home - shame). It's rather nice though to be able to go and make a cup of tea whenever I get too frustrated with the Blackboard system. At least I can't access the dreaded ParScore from home because it's networked and not web-accessible! Anyway it must be bad outside because even Sweetwater, the never-ending money-making machine, is sending everyone home at four. One of the issues I think in Fort Wayne is tht we have a lot of people who live out of town in quite rural areas and getting to them proves rather tricky with all the snow. Thankfully FW employers seem to be quite cognizant of that fact. Anyway, I'm off to make another cup of tea...

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