Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where's the baby?

They say such things always come in threes...a couple of weeks ago my Aunt (well, Great-aunt actually) Jeanne passed away. She suffered a massive heart attack and died very suddenly. Aunt Jeanne was a really neat woman. She and Uncle Vic, (who died some years ago) had a fascinating and well-lived life; they were always helping people in one way or another; loved travelling and spent about seven years splitting their time living between England and Florida. Other than my mum and Sophie, she was the only person I knew who had all day shopping stamina! It was always lovely to chat with her as she understood exactly what it was like as an English person living in the USA. I shall dearly miss her.

On a more joyful note my brother Luc and Claire, his partner of ten years, recently announced their engagement. A huge CONGRATULATION to them. It's very exciting and I must wholeheartedly commend Claire on a. signing up for many years to come with my brother (worthy of a huge diamond ring in itself I feel) and b. signing up for many years to come with our family (worthy of a huge diamond...etc, etc). Congrats guys. Which just leave the baby...unless of course Claire is already pregnant? I have yet to hear from any of my friends that they're pregnant again. Those that have had babies seem to have sworn off any more for the time being and those that haven't don't seem to be in any rush to start producing offspring. Quite wise I say, enjoy the lack of nappies in your life. ALthough I know Rachel is due so maybe she's the birth for this one...
Jay's third birthday tomorrow. I shall say rien on the time passing, etc other than "holy crap, why do boys take so long to be toilet trained?". I really thought he'd have got it by now. Even with jelly bean bribery he is strangely resistant. Party will be held on Saturday - knights and dragons theme with various food items such as dragon droppings, maiden morsels and knights' nosh. Being that most of his friends are boys I've bought suitably boyish things for their party bags - whoopie cushions, model aeroplanes and lollipops. I think I enjoy the party planning more than Jay enjoys the party itself.
I'm off to an Apple Education seminar tomorrow in Indy with my work colleagues and one of the IT guys. Can't wait, a whole day of Appleness followed by a trip to the Apple store to exercise my growing list of delicious items much needed to compliment my adored Macbook. Yummy.

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