Monday, February 05, 2007

One day...

Firstly, it's 4 degrees today and I can honestly say I utterly despise this weather. I actually wore my fur coat today because when the weather lady tells me that it's 4 above but feels like 25 below due to the wind chill I felt totally justified in wearing the skinned carcas of a dead rabbit around my body.
Secondly, despite the fact that I didn't watch a single minute, (actually that's a lie I watched precisely two minutes of the fourth quarter) of the XLI Superbowl between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts I do have to congratulate the Colts on a tremendous win, 29-17. Apparently, and it's all heresay as I didn't actually watch the game, the Bears' offense sucked, the Colts' defense rocked and the Colts ruled. So way to go Colts!

I was performing my usual perusal of online news at The Times online this morning, who have by the way, totally changed their online format, (I quite like it although I noticed there are loads of bugs still to be exterminated and it took me a little while to locate a few of my immediate go-to columns but all in all a nice improvement), and came across this article on racing. Now it has long been a dream of mine to race the Dakar Rally with my dad but with years pressing on (his of course not mine!) I fear this may well remain a dream. And being that unless I start an affair with Nico Rosberg or suddenly become a whizz at aerodynamic sheet metal design the chances of my getting behind a Formula 1 car are pretty much nil to zero, so instead I am looking to other auto ventures that may satisfy such adventure and desire-to-do-myself-harm cravings. And I have found it. The Spa 24 hours Fun Cup at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. The cars are seriously groovy, a tubular steel chassis powered by a 1800cc, 130 bhp VW/Audi engine with a WV Bug style shell. Now I just need three other drivers willing to fork out 3000 GBP each and form a team - any takers?

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