Friday, February 02, 2007

Buckled in? Let's Go!

I've been meaning to write about Jay's new car seat for some time, not only to shamelessly promote the seat itself but also to praise and recommend the company we bought it from. I'd been looking for a new car seat for Jay for some time, his old one is fine as a second car one but for long journeys was uncomfortable, little side head support and the seat obviously hit his legs wrong because he always got pins and needles in his legs after a while. So I did all the usual research and being me, wanted something that was not only safe, practical, comfortable, blah blah blab but most importantly looked good in my car. This is a hard task as it is so hard to maintain coolness with a child seat in the back of the car at the best of times. And then fate intervened - I was doing my usual trogging of F1 websites and came across a company that specialises in racing gear for driver and car. The second thing that happened was I received one of the many usually-thrown-away-after-first-glance kids boutique brochures. Both the website and the catalogue featured a child seat by the German manufacturer, Recaro. Now I'd heard of Recaro before. They have been building seats for sports cars (such as those used in the Dakar Rally) for many years. The quality and safety of their product is typically German, that is to say excellent. What I wasn't aware of is that they have ventured into the child seat market and brought out a line of not only ultra safe, (unlike the US that only requires frontal crash testing for child safety seats, Recaro seats are tested for side impact crashes as well), but super cool child safety seats. So having determined that I had found the ultimate in car seats I then enthusiatically purchased one. Speedware Motorsports division is the official Recaro distributorship CPS fitting station for Recaro child seats and well they should be. Their customer service was fantastic, shipping of the child seat was free (yes, I was impressed too) and very quick and they provided ample opportunity for advice. Naturally after telling Jay that the people who made his seat also made seats for race cars he has decided that it is his "favourite". Not only that but it has proved excellent in long journeys with super head support and none of the previous dead-leg syndrome experienced with his old seat. Oh and Renault's special edition Clio F1 has Recaro seats.
Too cool for school. is the only store authorized by Recaro to use the Recaro name, a division of Speedware Motorsports, has had a very close relationship with Recaro, North America, a division of KeiperRecaro Group, Germany, for the past 12 years. We have watched and waited for their line of child seats to become available in the US, in fact, we were the very first store to carry the full line of child seats.
With their roots in auto racing and airline safety seats, we were so sure of the safety of these child seats that we joined with Recaro to offer these seats across the country. After countless planning meetings with executives from Recaro North America and Recaro Germany, it was decided that Recaro would greatly benefit from our business model, and an exclusive relationship was formed. Recaro endorses this union by contributing their name to our store.
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