Friday, February 02, 2007

Inner monologue from Thursday night TV

Do workplaces like the Office really exist? I love Steve Carell but really the show makes me wince. I guess that's the idea. Pam's brilliant. So dead-pan. Who'd have thought that Ryan's dad and Julie Nichols-Cooper would have ended up an item? And for that matter who'd have thought Ryan Atwood and Taylor Townsend would have ended up a couple? Seth has to be Summer's Sandy right? There seems to be something incestuous about saying that. At least Seth seems to be reacting somewhat maturely to Summer's decision to go and work for GEORGE. And Kirsten pregnant! I didn't see that one coming...well except in the trailers. But she'll loose the baby right, in the earthquake that hits next week? I wonder if Peter Gallagher can really surf? I hope he brings out another album, his last one was surprisingly good. I feel a little sad for Bullit. He's being a really good sport about the whole Julie/Frank thing. Finally Julie chose love over money. What is she thinking? Three more episodes and that's it. It's the end of an era. Hopefully they'll have Ryan going 'Ryan Atwood' one more time, ooh, something over Taylor maybe that FINALLY results in him saying "I love you" - just say it dude. She's hot. She's on Keith's list anyway. Has Liev Schreiber aged at all since Kate & Leopold? The man is sexy and looks sharp in a suit. If he wasn't an American he'd make a good James Bond - he was broodingly sexy in that Tom Clancy film The Sum of All Fears. If I married him I wouldn't have to change my name. What's with the LVPD? I've never seen Nick in a suit. West Coast casual or just too damn hot in the desert. I remember those days...I'm still not convinced Keppler's a dirty cop although the jury's still out. Still Grissom's back next week and I'm sure it'll all get figured out. Forty-five minutes ought to do it. God, there are sooo many adverts. I can't wait for the iTV, I despise adverts, well, except for the Mac ones and those ones with the Geico gecko, they're funny. I wish they'd solve the wretched murder model/diarama mystery. Hmn, maybe Keppler? It's got me stumped. I hope they're not going to drag it out all season. And when are Sarah and Grissom going to go public? I hope Grissom doesn't blow it.

The Office
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