Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The American Dream

Both Keith and I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new FX production of The Riches, starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver and I'm really pleased to say that we weren't disappointed. While the show wasn't as I expected from the many months of trailers, it surpassed my anticipation. It's a bit darker than I thought with some good black humour that borders on the fine line between situational and human tragedy. The actors were cast wonderfully and my views regarding Minnie Driver's abilities have shot up hugely. She plays her part brilliantly. Eddie is of course...Eddie. Having seen him for so long in his role as "executive transvestite" whilst performing his uber intelligent and off-tangent meandering stand-up comedy, it's surprisingly refreshing to see him in a lead TV role. The dialogue was witty, emotional, perfectly delivered by each actor. There was even a little bit of Eddie's trademark comic delivery thrown in..."...we have painted it with dust!....including you glum-faced child." We're already looking forward to next week's episode.
On another tangent I'm excited to say that spring may have finally arrived here in the rural mid-west! They're forecasting 75 today! I know, totally fantastico (and a little wierd in that but-it's-only-March-must-be-global-warming kind of way). Either way it was an incredibly beautiful sight to look out onto the garden yesterday and see grass with merely a few piles of the most frozen snow remaining. Jay can finally see his diggers again which have been "in hibernation" (i.e. hidden underneath the snowdrift that ensconced itself between the garage and the fence we share with Deb) and I cannot wait to start spending weekends working in the garden again. You know, when it's sunny and reasonably warm I almost rather like Fort Wayne. Now if only there was ocean nearby...

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