Thursday, March 15, 2007

Et tu Brute?

I know I should be celebrating the Ides of March with a suitably fitting extract from Julius Caesar or setting up hexes to ensure no tomfoolery or bewitchery befalls my way, but instead due to much hinting from the husband I'm going to write about the terrific job that he has done retiling our bathroom. Many months ago Keith came home with a job lot of tiles, "because they were a great deal and you never know when something might need tiling". The tiles then sat in our garage for the next six months. Until the day when I was standing in the shower and kept hearing all this cracking going on in the walls - eek. The bathroom tiles were obviously put up in two lots, the bottom half that are real tiles and were originally blue-green and then painted white and now starting to show as blue-green again and then the top half of the tiles which upon removing we discovered were actually plastic. Either way as soon as I mentioned the crackling I could tell that Keith was itching to take a sledgehammer to the whole lot. And then several weeks ago I came home from work after Keith had had the day off to find this, (yes, that is a secret hidden window we discovered!)

The retiling project had started! Now several weeks later, the retiling for the shower portion is complete and we have a lovely retiled bathroom and one very happy and self-satisfied Keith. He also reenamelled the bathtub, much needed. The next thing will be to take the sink (a rather ghastly vanity that is okay but just very blah) and replace it with something more fitting (already chosen from Lowe's) and then retile the area where the vanity cabinets were. That bit will wait awhile though as I think Keith's ready for a few weekends off!
Photos taken throughout the bathroom's destruction and reassembly may be viewed from the Photo Albums link in the sidebar. Ironically I've just realised I haven't downloaded the photos showing the finished result...oh well, it's all your fault Caesar!

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