Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fisico fizzled in Australian Grand Prix

I'm beginning to think that perhaps Giancarlo Fisichella doesn't have the potential to be a truly great race driver. Once again his qualifying position and Grand Prix finish, fifth place just smidgens ahead of Massa, leads me to believe that unfortunately Fisi is merely a mediocre driver. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong this season, no doubt to be his last. His driving technique is truly a pleasure to watch, he is at times a true Italian driver, his narrow miss with Trulli when he came out of the pit lane shows he can be aggressive when he needs to be. I just think sometimes the "domani" mentality follows him onto the track. There's just no way he has a hope of any kind of Championship though unless he qualifies better than his typical fifth or sixth. Kimi has the right car this season and Alonso is just the right driver and Fisi has got to qualify better if he is to have any chance of success this season.
Fantastic drive by Lewis Hamilton who came home in third place, helping to put McLaren Mercedes on top for the Constructor's ratings. Now that's a driver with potential and young enough to be able to maximise it fully.
Come on Fisi, prove me wrong....please.

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